Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Boys of the Wrecking Crew" Principal Casting!

With more than 1,000 terrific actors having submitted for these parts, the following list of actors should be very proud of their accomplishment. After a very intense audition process, these people seem like they were made for each other. All of them are highly skilled improv and traditional script actors.

Get ready for an amazing ensemble

Ray 30-40 - Chris Whitley
Sean 18- Louis Lavdas
Steve 18- David Hall
Sean 14 - Dillon Roseen
Chi 14 - Joshua Tarwater
Sean 9 - Maxwell Bach
Steve 9 - Nash Barney
Joe 22 - Justin Riddick
Chi 18- Nathan Bach
Alby 20 - Jason Von Stein
Leon 22 - Elias Kelley
Buzz 50 - Steve Warren
Jebb 25 - Daniel Van Hiel
Greg 40 - Jake Jacobson
Tony 40 - Kent Igleheart
Gina 25 - Doris Morgado
Janine 35 - Sylvia Boykin
Fawn 17- Kelly Natividade
Paul - Aiden Mouat
Officer (Policeman)- Bryan E. Hall
Principal 40+ - J. Howard Bach
Teenage Girl (at door) - Anh Lee
Jill 17 (beach) - Ailie Birchfield
Eli 20+ - Garrett Able
Martin (Ray’s Brother) 30+ - Martin Harris
Tiffany 17 - Warren McKnight
Billy 17 - William Mellete
Mother (Sean’s) - Patricia Taylor
Man with gun - Michael Shikany
Bar Waitress - Ondie Daniel
Steve's Sister - Amber Griffin
Steve's Brother - Gregory Teasley
Friend-Justin Knowles
Friend - Matthew Brown

Click to see pre-shoot trailer and project description of Boys of the Wrecking Crew

CineGym.TV - Transform Your Body of Acting

CineGym is exactly what is says it is, a gym for the cinematic arts. CineGym began 15 years ago in Dunwoody, GA where 100's of working and aspiring actors, writers, directors, producers and even photographers got together twice a week.

Now, it's back and we are forming a new generation of actors and writers who know how to work together to advance their careers or just for the love of the art!

We will be collecting interest from actor and writers, then the call will go out about the start date and convenient location in the Atlanta area.

The first night, CineGym does "cold reads" from scripts actually written by members. Each scene is cast at the beginning of the evening and we proceed to performances. A facilitator would then lead criticism of the performances and people would learn from each other what they looked like from the outside.

The second night, we get together at an interesting location and actually professionally shoot scenes, sometimes the very ones we had previously seen cold. We saw various stages of polish on these pieces and everybody had a great time.

We were proud to have among us the very best actors and writers in the Atlanta area including many household names in Atlanta film today.

Bryan E. Hall facilitated CineGym until he decided to go to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California Film School for his Masters. Prior to that he had co-owned the Atlanta Film Institute and co-published two entertainment newspapers.

After many years in LA and abroad, he has returned to Atlanta and CineGym is reborn as a division of film production company, Aware Productions and in partnership with YourAct, we will produce high quality product for your reel and for the public.

Here, you will find a variety of film workshops and actor services to encourage the perfection of craft! Private workshops are available by appointment but we will regularly offer film acting, camera work, indy film-making/guerrilla film, and from time to time we will even offer showcases as a culmination of the work we have done over time.

Send headshots, resumes and sample writing (if that's your focus) to bryanehall@hotmail.com or call 404-579-0905 10a-8p M-Sat for more info! Call Bob or Della at YourAct/404-499-9996.

All scenes are shot on Sony Pro HD. Below are some low-res recent clips from CineGym workshops for children and teens:
  • Scenes 1, 2 & 3 - Kingsley Smith, Age 4, monologue from "Alice in Wonderland", Song & Dance - "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'", Improv - Bedtime for Jazz
  • Scenes 4, 5 & 6 - Christian "JC" Smith, Age 8, monologue - "Suppose", Song - "Soul Man", Improv - Sci Fi Story
  • Scenes 7, 8 & 9 - Cate Curry, Age 14, monologue - "Get Out Of My Life!", Monologue - "Getting Ready", Improv - Scene with Bryan E. Hall, "Growing Up Too Fast"
Please check back from time to time to see what workshops we have added to the schedule and get ready to work that cinematic body and mind!

If you have already set an appointment for a workshop and need to make your $200 deposit to confirm your date(s), please press this button and make your payment in our secure socket layer through Paypal:

Also, you may need general photographic services as well. We provide headshots and dramatic still shots for a very fair price. Just call for a quote. Below is Actor/Model, Brad James:

CineGym.TV - Transform Your Body of Acting

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